Starseed Series, Part 2: Old and New Souls

As we discussed in the post, What is a Starseed, there are three waves of souls that volunteered to come to help Earth in her ascension process. These three waves of souls are what we would call new souls. There are, however, plenty of old souls on Earth that are just as important to the ascension process. When we are speaking of old and new souls, we are referring to the amount of time that a soul has spent on Earth. The three waves of souls are new souls, meaning that they have been incarnated on earth a limited number of times or this may be their very first incarnation on Earth. Old souls are those that have spent many lifetimes on Earth, spending hundreds if not thousands of years here on Earth.  Both types of souls are needed to help Earth reach 5D.

Old Souls

Having lived so many lives on Earth, old souls having a plethora of experience in living on Earth. And for those of us living on Earth now, you know it’s quite easy to have unpleasant experiences while being here. These souls have a rich Akashic tapestry, filled with experiences, talents, wisdom, and karma from all of their previous lives. They are working through karma issues and dealing with a lot of old energy. They have lived through a lot of different events and are the most experienced souls on this planet.

Many of these souls are feeling a stirring inside of them and they are beginning to awaken spiritually. They devour spiritual information, seeking books, websites, and programs that can teach them more. It can be scary for old souls, however, to fully come into their spiritual knowing. Many of these souls have lived lives where they were punished for speaking about spiritual things. Some may have been tortured for their beliefs or even burned at the stake. There is a constant battle inside of them because of the resonance they feel with the spiritual knowledge they are learning and the fear of persecution if they live as their true selves.

Old souls also have a perspective that the new souls don’t have. They have lived a variety of lives here on earth. They have been through battles. They may have killed someone or been killed themselves. They have been through so much, sometimes for their own growth, sometimes to aid others’ growth, that they may be asking why they had to go through all of it. But because they have this varied perspective, they will be the first to say, “No more.” They are done with wars and fighting. They will be the ones that stop the fighting because of their lifetimes of experiences.

Sometimes old souls can feel lost due to the shift of energy. They can feel confused and frustrated. It’s like they don’t even know who they are anymore. These souls have a unique opportunity, however. At this time, with this new energy, they can resolve all of their karmic issues. They no longer have to come back life after life to work through these issues. They can resolve them all here and now. After having lived through so many lifetimes in the old energy of Earth, old souls may question their purpose and wonder if their lives are meaningful. Old souls need to embrace this new energy, enjoy the process of enlightenment, and work through their karmic issues. The light of an awakened soul is just as bright as the light of the new souls coming to help Earth!

New Souls

New souls are often referred to as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. They come to Earth without karmic issues or Earthly experiences. They often come to Earth with their third eye already activated and are able to feel the connection to Source far easier than the old souls. They didn’t live in societies that regulated their religious experience. As such, they can have spiritual experiences whenever and wherever they want to have it. They don’t associate spirituality with organized religion as old souls were indoctorinated to do. The new soul will often find orgainized religion frustrating and does not see the need to have a “middleman” and a ton of rules to connect with Source. You will see many of the new generations falling away from the religions they were born into. They have an innate knowledge that they have God inside of them always.

New souls also have a harder time coming into this world. Old souls have gone through the birth experience so many times that it is old hat to them by this point. Old souls may start speaking astonishingly early and will need less parenting then the new souls. A trait of Crystal and Rainbow children is that they often start speaking at a later age. This is not do to intellecutal impairment, however. They may perfer to communicate with their parent telepathically as they did prior to coming to this planet. Crystal and Rainbow children may have ADHD or place on the autism spectrum. They are also born with a balanced masculine and feminine energy which can cause them to develop an androgynous personality. It is important to appreciate and embrace the beautiful and unique characteristics of these children.

Crystal and Rainbow children are the ones that will take us out of 4D and into 5D. It is said that these souls have more evolved DNA and will not have to genetically evolve as much as the old souls, and first and second waves of souls. These children will often develop a special bond with their parents and their parents will instinctively know what their child needs and when they need it. Crystals and Rainbows can often see and hear things that others can’t. They can look into a person’s soul and know who that person is without ever having to speak to them. They are also extremely empathetic and can’t be deceived.

Crystal children are often very sensitive, not only to feelings and emotions, but to physical environments. They can get overwhelmend in loud, bright, and chaotic places like an amusement park. They also can get quite distressed emotionally charged situations. They like to be out in nature and love being in the company of animals. They need lots of reassurance and encouragement. They don’t mind being on their own and don’t seek a lot of social interaction.

These new souls are coming in with new ways of thinking and new ideas. They are highly intelligent, although the old educational standards of today may classify them as otherwise. They come into this world with no fear and have a unique ability to make others deal with their fears. Due to their high levels of frequency, they are able to manupulate electricity with their emotions. They may become upset and the lights will start to flicker.

Rainbow children are the newest souls coming to Earth. They choose to be born into stable and loving families so that there is little dysfunction to overcome. Since this is their first incarnation on Earth, they have no karma to overcome themselves and can focus solely on their mission. The Rainbow children are here to teach us how to fully love and live according to our hearts.

Do you relate more to the characteristics of an old soul or a new soul? It is important to remember that just because you are an old soul, doesn’t mean you aren’t a starseed. You may a starseed that came to earth long ago. The Earth is regarded as the ultimate school for souls and many souls are eager to come here to learn soul lessons at a faster rate than they can do so elsewhere. While we may have times of absolutely hating the Earth experience, coming here is highly sought after by many souls and we are very lucky to be having this experience.

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