Are Crystals Alive?

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.” – Nikola Tesla

Crystals have always been fascinating to me. Before I knew about their unique energy, I loved them for their beauty. Crystals are more than a pretty face, however. Crystals have their own frequency and vibration. They can help heal physical ailments, soothe anxiety, and even help open our third eye. Many healers work with crystals to assist with clearing and balancing the energies of their clients. It is almost as if each stone has its own personality and purpose in life. Below are five stones that I use and their benefits.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is like the superstar of crystals. It not only has its own powerful energy, but it amplifies the energy of any stones that you use with it. Clear quartz helps with mental clarity, stabilizing emotions, and opening your third eye. It also can be used to help clear and activate all of the chakras. I often work with clear quartz while meditating to help me to help clear my mind and ground me.


Pyrite is more commonly known as “fool’s gold.” Pyrite is a powerful protector stone. It is known to protect the user from negative energies and even environmental toxins. This stone is also thought to attract wealth and abundance. I use pyrite when I am trying to manifest abundance. I also keep pyrite in the left corner of my home. In Feng Shui, placing pyrite in the left most corner of your home, known as the prosperity corner, is said to bring wealth and abundance into your life.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful, blue stone with flecks of gold throughout. It is known to enhance your intellectual ability, aid with learning difficult concepts, and boost your memory. It is a great stone for students to carry with them. The color blue is the color of the throat chakra and this stone encourages honesty in your communication. I have issues with my throat chakra and I can feel the energy of this stone in my throat by just holding it. I take this stone with me when I need to express myself well, such as an interview.

Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper is a happy stone that emits a uplifting frequency. It helps you maintain your energy throughout the day, keeps you on your soul’s path, and protects your aura from negative energy. This stone can help activate your base chakras, the sacral and the root chakras. I use this stone during meditation by placing it on my lower stomach between the sacral and root chakras. I also carry it with me on days I need a little energy boost.


Malachite has a powerful protective energy. It is said to put a shield of protection all around your body to prevent negative energies from affecting you. It can help you clear out any blockages that may be interfering with you reaching your spiritual goals. It also helps boost your self-confidence and open your heart chakra. I’ve heard that malachite is a lot like moldavite, but less intense. It can cause sudden changes to happen in your life to get you on your best path. I use this stone for my heart chakra and when I place it over my heart, I can feel it’s energy working its magic in my heart.

Whether crystals are alive or not, many people have experienced some benefits from working with them. Each crystal offers its own healing properties and are more than eager to share those vibrations with those needing help. At times it can seem that these stones have their own personalities. Some stones offer a completely different benefit to someone than that for which they are known to possess. It’s as if the stones can evaluate what it is their owner needs for spiritual and physical healing and that’s the energy they produce.

What do you think? Are crystals alive?

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