All About Astrology, Part 1

Astrology is a tool used by many to delve into personality, soul purpose, and compatibility of individuals. Astrology is also used as a predictive tool to tell us what the planets’ energy may be during a certain time due to the position of planets. While I’m far from an expert, I wanted to lay out the basics of astrology to give you a high level understanding of the process starting with the symbols you will see in astrology.

Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs are a large part of astrology and they are probably the most popular piece. There are twelve signs in the zodiac and those twelve signs are based on the 360-degree orbit of the earth around the sun. Each sign represents one 30-degree section of that orbit. In astrology charts, each sign is represented by a glyph or symbol. Below is a chart showing each sign’s symbol.


Planets are another aspect of astrology. In astrology, there are ten planets, with the sun and moon each being classified as a planet. The planets each have their own frequency and vibration. As planets move through the different zodiac segments and pass by other planets, their energies will react to each other. Below is a chart listing the different planets and their glyphs.


Just as the 30-degree segments of the orbit are classified as a zodiac sign, they also have a house associated with them. A house represents different aspects of life such as family, health, and finances. There are twelve houses, one for each 30-degree segment. Your rising sign will always be the first house and the numbers will move counter-clockwise from that starting point.

Natural Chart

The natural chart is a visual representation of astrology. It maps out the the sky showing where the planets were located at a certain time and place. It is a circle which is broken up into the twelve 30-degree segments with each representing a zodiac sign and a house. The chart starts at 0-degrees which is the zodiac sign of Aries and moves counter-clockwise ending with Pisces. As mentioned above, the rising sign will determine where the houses are assigned. Below is a blank natural chart which shows the house numbers and the zodiac signs.

Astrology Series

I plan on making several posts pertaining to astrology, with each post detailing the different aspects. In my next post, I will be deep diving into the different classifications of the zodiac signs.

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