Different Types of Psychic Abilities

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‍‍A psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses or who can do things that are inexplicable by natural laws. A psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information that is hidden from the normal senses. A psychic can also be someone that can do things that are unexplainable by natural laws, like psychokinesis. Each psychic is unique and each has different abilities that allow them to see things that are hidden. Below are some different types of psychic abilities and what each one of them does.


Telepathy is the transfer of thoughts between people. It is commonly used in the form of interpersonal communication, reading thoughts and transmitting thoughts. Psychics can use telepathy to sense what someone is thinking about you or even to influence the thoughts of a person.


Precognition is the ability to see the future. It is commonly referred to as a “sixth sense” since it is different from the other five senses. People with this ability often know about things that have not happened yet, know about something that will happen in the future, or know about someone’s future.


Retrocogntion is the ability to see past events. People with this gift can see past lives or past trauma. Going to a psychic with this ability can help you discover why you have certain unexplainable fears, why you are drawn to a certain person, or why you are feeling stuck in life.


This is when one can tap into the energy emanating from an object or picture. They can get a sense of past, present, and future information from the object. A psychic with this ability can tune into the energy field of an object and receive information about its owner(s).

Remote Viewing

This is the ability to see what is happening in real time at a location. The location can be near or far, or even not on this planet. This ability is helpful to know what is happening at a location or for locating missing objects, pets, or people.


This is the ability to see those who have passed over. Mediums can connect us with our passed loved ones and deliver messages from them or to them.


Clairvoyance is the ability to be able to see objects, auras, spirits, and events that relate to a person. Psychics with this ability can use them to help you overcome an issue or give you the advice you need to move forward on the right path.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear spirits, music, or sounds that are not audible to the normal ear. A psychic with the ability may hear the voice of a deceased loved one giving them a message or may hear their passed mother’s favorite song.


Clairsentience is the ability to feel things that are not physically happening. Psychics with this ability may feel severe pain in their head when connecting with a spirit that passed from a brain hemorrhage. They get “gut-feelings” about people or events.


Claircognizance is the ability to know things. People with this ability will know things that they were never told or shown. They seem to be more in tune with their intuition than the average person.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a set of 78 different cards that the reader will use to tell you things about you and your life. A person gifted with this ability will be able to tell a story about you from the cards that are pulled. The reader connects with the person’s spirit guides to be able pull the correct cards and read the correct meaning behind them.

These are just a few of the different psychic abilities one can have. which ones are gifts that you have been blessed with? I think we all have claircognizance and clairsentience to a degree, as they rely on intuition. It is just a matter of how well tuned-in we are to our intuition.

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