How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

The chakras are a network of energy centers in the body that can get unbalanced. These imbalances can lead to poor health and even disease. However, by balancing your chakras you can increase your energy, clarity, confidence and other positive qualities. The sacral chakra is located between the lumbar and pelvic areas of the body. It is connected to our emotions and sexuality. When this chakra is out of balance, it can result in fear of intimacy, distrust of others and other negative effects on your sex life and personal relationships. The sacral chakra has five main symptoms that indicate an imbalance: feeling disconnected from yourself or others; feeling blocked in any context; experiencing fear or shame about sex or sexuality; feeling unsafe with trust or feelings of betrayal from yourself or others.

Finding balance

To find balance in your sacral chakra, try the following suggestions:

Meditate. The practice of meditation will help you to focus on your breath and become more in tune with your body. This can help you to become more aware of your emotions so that they don’t overwhelm you.

Practice yoga. Yoga will help you to become more present in your body so that you can identify emotions that you may be repressing.

Identify your fears. If you are not sure which emotions are causing the blockage in your chakra, pinpointing your fears can help you to move past them.

Be honest. Honesty with yourself and with others can help you to break free of your fears and blockages.

Spend time in nature. Nature helps to promote feelings of tranquility and healing.

Spend time with loved ones. This will help you to break down your blockages and feel more connected to others.

A healthy diet to promote sacral chakra balance

Since your sacral chakra is related to your emotions and sexuality, what you eat can have a direct impact on its health. Below are some suggestions for a healthy diet that can promote sacral chakra balance.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These contain antioxidants that can help to prevent diseases related to your chakras like cancer.

Stay away from processed and sugary foods. These can have a negative impact on your emotions and overall health.

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential for healthy organs including your kidneys which process toxins in your body and can be negatively impacted by sugary drinks.

Limit caffeine intake. Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause you to become overly tense and anxious.

Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol can negatively impact your overall health and may cause you to feel shame or regret.

Daily exercise to promote sacral chakra balance

There are many types of exercise that can help to promote balance in your sacral chakra. The following activities will help you to move past your blockages and feel more connected to yourself and others.

Yoga. Yoga is a great way to focus on your breath and become more in tune with your body.

Running. Running is a great form of exercise that can help you to release negative emotions and promote creativity and self-expression.

Swimming. Swimming is a great form of exercise that can help you to stay relaxed and peaceful even during high-intensity workouts.

Dancing. Dancing is a great way to express yourself and can help you to connect to your body and break down any negative blockages in your sacral chakra.


The sacral chakra is responsible for processing our emotions, sexual energy, creativity, and intimacy. When this chakra is unbalanced, it can result in feelings of detachment, lack of creativity, and/or lack of desire for intimacy. It can also be associated with feelings of fear and shame. To find balance in your sacral chakra, you should practice meditation, practice yoga, and identify your fears. You should also eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid sugary and processed foods, drink plenty of water, and do daily exercise.

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