How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

Picture it: You’re in the local crystal shop and you spot a crystal. Not just a crystal, but the crystal. It’s like this crystal is speaking to you, telling you to buy it. You play it cool and read the information card next to it to see what its uses are. This crystal is perfect for you. You stop messing around and buy the stone. As you’re leaving the shop, the cashier says, “Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before you use it.” “Okay, thanks!” You automatically respond. Once you get into your car you realize you have no idea how to cleanse your new crystal. You think, “Do I just spray some Windex on it, wipe it, and all is good?”

Crystals have had to make some sort of journey in order to get to the crystal shop you buy them from. The journey might be a short one or a long one, depending on where the shop owner bought them from. During its journey, your crystal came into contact with a lot of different energies. As the Law of Psychometric Influence states, when two things, animate or inanimate, come into contact with each other, they will continue to affect the other even after being separated by time and space. Who knows what type of energies your crystal has attached to it right now. You need to cleanse all of that residual energy off of your crystal, so it can do its job properly.

So how do you cleanse your crystals? Well, it’s not with Windex, although you can you use Windex on a variety of other things. There are several ways to cleanse your crystals. Here are just a few:

1. Selenite Plate, Slab, or Bowl

Selenite is a great way to cleanse other crystals and it’s extremely easy to do! Selenite is a purifying crystal that naturally draws out negative energy from things, spaces, and people. Selenite also has the superpower to cleanse itself. To cleanse your crystals with selenite, place your crystals on a selenite plate or slab, or in a selenite bowl for 24-hours. The selenite will remove all of the negative and stale energy from your crystals leaving it’s pure properties charged and ready to work.

2. Bowl of Sea Salt Water

Get a bowl full of lukewarm water and add in a teaspoon of sea salt. Place your crystals in the water overnight or at least eight hours to remove the negative energy from them. Be careful, though, not all crystals can be put in water. Any crystal that is considered a soft mineral should not be placed it water. Some stones that should not be placed in water are selenite, malachite, amazonite, garnet, and hematite. You should always check to make sure it is safe to put a crystal in water before doing so.

3. Full Moon

The light of the full moon can be used to cleanse and charge your crystals. Place your stones on the ground or other natural surface outside in a spot where they will be in the moonlight and leave them outside all night. Your stones will be ready to use in the morning.

4. Sunlight

You can also cleanse your stones using sunlight. Place your crystals on a windowsill or other spot where they will be in the full light of the sun. Leave them in the sunlight for at least six hours. You could leave them in that spot for a full 24-hours so that the crystals will be exposed to both sunlight and moonlight. Don’t plan on leaving your crystals in that spot for days, however. Some crystals will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

5. Brown Rice

Fill a bowl with dry brown rice and bury your crystal in the rice. Leave the crystal in the rice for 24-hours. The rice will absorb the negative energy from the crystal and should be thrown away after you remove your crystal.

Don’t think that you only have to cleanse a crystal when you first acquire it. As we know, crystals hold onto stagnant and negative energies and it will pick up those energies from you, your guests, and your home. It is important to periodically clear that energy out of your crystal and then to charge it, or refill it, with positive energy. Charging your crystals will keep them working to their fullest potential.

What are some ways you cleanse and charge your crystals?

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