Starseed Series, Part 3: Starseed Traits

How does one know if they are a starseed? Starseeds, remember, are human beings. They look like humans, act like humans, and talk like humans. They chose to come here and go through the entire human experience, including going through the veil of forgetfulness so that they aren’t able to remember their previous life and their noble mission. Some starseeds spend their entire human life never knowing of their other worldly life or their mission on Earth. So how can you know if you are one?

Physical Features

There are sources out there that claim that starseeds will have the physical traits of those star races that they originate from, but that is likely not the case. These souls are now in human form and receive their physical traits from their human DNA. Starseeds will look just like all humans look. You cannot tell if you or someone else is a starseed just by looking at them.  


There are some traits that a lot of starseeds seem to have in common. Probably the most common trait amongst starseeds is the feeling of being homesick, even when they are at home. It’s a longing for something, and they aren’t sure what that something is, only that they miss it.  There’s a Welsh word call hiraeth that describes this feeling. It means a spiritual longing for a home which maybe never was. Starseed souls long for their star home even though their human form can’t remember it.  They may feel like they never fit in or belong anywhere.

Many starseeds also have a hard time with rules and restrictions. Their souls come from places that are full of enlightened beings, highly advanced technology, light bodies, and expansive minds. When they come to this dense planet that is full of rules, limited technology, and physical and mental restrictions, it can be incredibly frustrating. Many even avoid using technology because it is just too limiting and annoying to make it worth their time. Because of their disdain for all of these regulations, they may be seen as rebellious.

They can’t stand conflict. Starseeds come from places where the Universal Law of One is readily understood and the connection to source is direct. It can be quite a chaotic transition for them to get used to veiled Earth, where so many people think only of themselves and the connection to source is much harder to feel. Starseeds crave peace and often play the role of peacemakers in their families and friendships. They are accepting of others and wish that we could all just get along.

They are extremely empathetic. They are able to understand the feelings of others and relate to others easily. They are skilled listeners and enjoying learning about others. They ask questions and are genuinely interested in the answers. Because of their empathetic nature, they also have a strong affinity for animals. People with starseed origins may feel like animals are attracted to them and find them wherever they go.

They often advocate for the Earth. They did answer the Earth’s call to help after all. They want to help the Earth reach her highest potential so that she can easily make the ascension to 5D. They may be environmental activists or even just the person who is always picking up trash. They can be skilled gardeners and have beautiful gardens. Their houses may seem like indoor jungles with all of the house plants they have. They love the outdoors and feel the happiest in nature. They may also enjoy subjects like ecology and geology.

They may have a knowing that they are here for something important, even though they may not know what it is. They may have a hard time working a typical 9 to 5 job because they feel there has to be more to life than meaningless work. They want their time on Earth to be meaningful, not mind numbing.

Starseeds also often have a love of the stars. They may feel drawn to the night sky. They may enjoy astronomy or programs about outer space. They may track the phases of the moon and have an affinity for astrology. They love stargazing and feel joy looking up at the vast cosmos.

Supernatural Skills

Starseeds also are often born with more advanced metaphysical skills. While all humans have access to these abilities, they may develop faster or an understanding of them may be more easily obtained by those of srarseed origins. Some of these abilities include:

Intuition. Starseeds often have a strong sense of intuition. Intuition is the ability to know something without having a clear reason why you know it. Have you ever gotten a bad feeling about someone who everyone else really likes? Or you are offered a job with wonderful pay and benefits, but you have a really bad feeling about it so you decline it? That’s your intuition working. It’s protecting you from danger. You may never know why you were having those feelings, but it’s important to listen to  them and heed their warnings.

Clairs. Starseeds tend to have increased ability in the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience). They may be masters at visualization and have wonderful imaginations. Starseeds may have the ability to connect with people on a telepathic level. They can often express themselves, convey thoughts, or influence others without ever saying a word. Starseeds likely communicated like this before being incarnated on Earth and they are born with those same abilities here.

Manifestation. Starseeds are skilled at manifesting, although they are often unaware of it. Because of their high vibration and their skilled ability to visualize, the things they desire often come to them easily and quickly.

Creativity. Starseeds are often highly creative and create beautiful masterpieces in a variety of mediums. Their art is an expression of themselves and they can easily access their creativity due to their high vibration.  Their art can be incredibly inspirational and it can raise the vibration of people and the Earth.

Spiritual Knowledge. They come to earth with an exceptional knowledge of spiritual concepts. They can grasp ideas that confound others. They tend to look at things differently, like space, time, religion, consciousness. Because of their ability to easily understand these difficult concepts, they can teach others in an easy to understand manner. They may be able to easily access their past lives

Healing. Starseeds may be more attuned to the art of healing than others. Starseeds often have the ability to see auras of others. They not only can see the color of auras, but they can see the entire energetic field. They can see if there are holes or tears in one’s aura which is useful in determining the health of the individual. They may instinctively know what health issues someone may be suffering from and be able to manipulate energy to heal others people and animals.

Vivid Dreaming. Starseeds have the ability to have fantastic dreams. Their dreams are colorful, realistic, and meaningful. They often have dreams about events prior to them happening or receive important messages in their dreams. They can be masters at lucid dreaming, which is when you’re aware that you’re dreaming and have the ability to consciously participate in your dreams.

Starseeds are all unique and their traits can vary depending on from what star system they are from, and I will delve into this deeper throughout the month. As you can see, however, there are a few traits that are common to most starseeds. After reading these common traits, do you relate to any of them? Which characteristics of a starseed do you have?

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