Starseed Series, Part 4: Lyran Starseeds

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Lyran Starseeds

The Lyrans are the first race of beings created in this Universe. It is believed that an etheric group of feline beings from another Universe were invited by our Universe’s founders, the Elohim, to come and help us go through the process they had already completed in their Universe. The Felines settled on a planet in the Lyra constellation and began the evolutionary process of having a physical body instead of an etheric one. During this process, they created many creatures including ape like mammals that they would incarnate into to live a physical existence. They began to focus on the ape-like mammals and eventually evolved them into the human body we are accustomed to. These first humanoids continued to evolve and eventually two races were created, the white Nordic race that embodied masculine energy and the blue Vegan race that embodied feminine energy. They evolved technologically as well and developed ways to space travel and settled on other planets throughout the Universe. It is from these first two races that all other human races were created.

The Lyrans lived peacefully for many years until one day a ship full of reptilian Draconians arrived on one of their planets. The Draconians had come to our Universe from another Universe from which they were kicked out of due to their warring behavior. They had advanced technology and began to travel around space looking for resources. The Draconians  were attracted to the Lyran planets as they were full of resources and wanted to these planets. They met with the Lyrans and proposed an agreement in which they would provide the Lyrans with their technology in exchange for access to the resources from their planets. The Lyrans wanted to get to know the Draconians better before making such an agreement and they allowed Draconians to come and visit their planets so that they could get to know them better and so the Draconians could see exactly what resources the Lyrans had. The Draconians used this as an opportunity to basically destroy the Lyrans and take over their planets. The Lyrans were not prepared to fight the Draconians as they had no weapons and millions of them were slaughtered by the Draconians. The surviving Lyrans had to leave their home planets and they began to travel the universe looking for new places to settle and were welcomed by the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Andromedans.

Lyran Starseed Mission

The Lyrans are here to assist with the ascension of humanity. Lyrans “specialty” is to assist with humans sense of worth. Lyrans see how badly we feel about ourselves and how we devalue ourselves. Most of us suffer from low self-confidence and a sense of unworthiness. Lyrans are coming to Earth to remind us of our special roots and to let us know that we are beautiful, special, and worthy of love. Each one of us plays a special role in the ascension of Earth and the Lyrans are here to help us gain our confidence back and claim our destinies.

Lyran Starseed Traits

As we discussed in our last post, all starseeds share some similar traits to one another, but here are the traits that specifically relate to the Lyran starseeds:

They seem older than they are. Remember, Lyrans were the first beings in this Universe. They have ancient origins and have seen a lot. Lyran starseeds may seem like “old souls.” They may be the child that says something incredibly profound that leaves you wondering how someone with so little life experience can be so wise.

They are extremely grounded. Lyrans don’t sweat the small stuff. They’ve been through some horrific things, so things here on Earth aren’t likely to get them down for too long. They embrace life and have the wisdom to get as much out of this experience as they can. They find happiness within rather than relying on external factors.

They are fun-loving and adventurous. They like to find the pleasures in life and experience them. They enjoy food, drink, and new experiences. They don’t fear change, they embrace it. They have a hard time relating to people who live life scared of everything. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed!

They are action oriented. Because of their masculine energy, they tend to be doers. Once they start something, they will finish it. They don’t have a bunch of unfinished projects on their plate. Once these starseeds figure out what their mission is here on Earth, they will move forward with a determination that is unmatched.

They get bored easily. Lyran starseeds love changes and seek them out. Doing the same thing day after day can cause these individuals to become depressed. They need diversity in their life and may be extensive travelers seeking out new places and new experiences. They may be drawn to a nomad type of existence.

They care about their physical health. These starseeds love having a physical body and want to treat it right. They may be vegans (which is actually a term that originates from the Vega race, because Vegans did not eat meat). They want to put only high vibrational and nutritionally dense foods into their body. They also like to keep their body healthy by being physically active. They love to run, hike, and participate in sports.

They have a special bond with animals. Lyrans usually have a particularly strong bond with cats due to their feline origins. They love animals and animals love them in return.

They love ancient history. Being the most ancient race in the Universe, they have an affinity for ancient civilizations and their history. They may be drawn to learning about Atlantis and Lemuria. They may access memories of having lived in these civilizations or assisting them from the galaxy.

They are ambiverts. Lyrans can be quiet and serious, but they also love being around people. They like to be amongst people, but probably won’t be seeking the spotlight.

They may have a hard time committing to others. Lyrans love being in a relationship, but they tend to get bored easily and seek new companionships. Some think that Lyrans are polyamorous and that is why it is hard for them to be committed to just one.

They value their freedom. Lyrans are independent and don’t mind being loners. They want to do what they want when they want and don’t like to be tied down by people or obligations.

They are not fans of authority figures. Lyrans know that to ascend, one must let go of their ego and authority figures are a product of ego. No one should try to have power over anyone else and as a result of this knowledge, Lyrans may have a hard time with leaders.

They appreciate the finer things in life. Lyrans are sensual beings and have expensive tastes. They appreciate fine quality clothing and furniture. They love rich, decadent foods and drinks.

They like to get their sleep. These beings love to stay up partying, but they don’t skimp on their sleep. They will sleep for longer periods to restore their bodies. Their high energy is balanced by them prioritizing their rest periods.

They can be considered quirky. But they, frankly, don’t give a damn. They are who they are and they’re not going to apologize if they don’t fit into society’s mold of normalness. They don’t have a desire to brag themselves up or make themselves seem more important. They aren’t going to change who they are just to fit in. They have a deep sense of self-love and are very self-assured.


Lyrans come from a complicated and tragic past, yet they have persevered and triumphed. They went from being a broken people who were almost completely annihilated to adapting and thriving in new environments. They have ascended and now have volunteered to help us, their earthly brothers and sisters. Do you relate to the traits of the Lyrans or does their history resonate with you

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