Starseed Series, Part 5: Sirius Starseeds

Sirius is located in the constellation, Canis Major, and is often the brightest start that we can see in our star system. Sirius is not a single star, however. There are two stars, Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius is home to many different extraterrestrial beings, both physical and etheric, so there is not really consistent physical traits. However, many times when talking about the Sirians, we are referring to the physical beings of Sirius A. The Sirians on Sirius A are often humanoid in appearance having originated from Vega. They are said to have bluish skin and are highly advanced spiritually, with an activated third eye. Sirius B is more of a water planet and the beings there are often aquatic such as mermaids. These mermaids don’t resemble the mermaids that we picture, however, and are much more fish like rather than humanlike.

Sirius beings are known for living in Christ Consciousness and are mainly service-to-others. Sirius is approximately eight light years from Earth, so they are some of our closest neighbors. They are said to have started coming to Earth about four million years ago. They first came to Earth for experimentation purposes and would only visit not live. At some point, however, they started to settle on earth and create colonies. They joined the Pleiadians and Lyrans in experimenting with mixing their DNA with that of the primitive humanoids on Earth and helped to create a more advanced human species. Sirians are said to have had a lot of contact with the ancient Egyptians and are often depicted in Egyptian art and literature. They are often depicted as snake people while the Pleiadians and Lyrans were depicted as bird people. Ancient Egyptian Gods likes Sopdet, Osiris, Isis, and Hathor are believed to be closely connected to Sirius.

Sirian Starseed Mission

The Sirians ultimate goal is to help humanity ascend as the Sirians have already done. Their mission is to help us remember that we hold all of the knowledge of the Universe inside ourselves. We should look first inside of ourselves for the answers we are seeking. They want us to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and become spiritual beings. We are in good hands with the Sirians who are masters of knowledge. In fact, many of the ascended masters we know about such as Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, et cetera, are believed to be of Sirian descent. Sirians are fantastic teachers and even have schools in their star system to teach about metaphysics. These are called Mystery Schools and beings from all over the Universe travel to Sirius to attend these schools and be taught by the masters.

Sirian Starseed Traits

Some traits that Sirians exhibit during their lifetimes on Earth include:

They are highly spiritual. Sirians are highly evolved spiritually and that shines through in their human incarnations as well. These starseeds will have a higher frequency which will allow them to develop their spiritual gifts faster. They may be natural healers and have an ability to be open-minded.

They dislike social classes and stereotypes. Sirius is such a melting pot of different types of beings, and yet they managed to become an enlightened people working in unity. Here on Earth,  we are still having issues living in unity. The Sirians understand that to reach unity, we need to stop putting labels on everything and realize that we are all one.

They keep their emotions bottled up. They aren’t going to be someone who goes around sharing how they are feeling. To the outside world, they may seem cool as a cucumber, but underneath that stoic exterior, they have a million different emotions happening. This is a life lesson for Sirians. They need to be able to open up and allow themselves to feel their emotions and to share them with others.

They love animals, especially aquatic animals. Those Sirians from Sirius B come from a watery world full of dolphins, whales, and fish. They may have been a merperson on that world. They have a connection with dolphins and whales on this earth and may sometimes feel psychically connected to them.

They have an affinity for ancient history, myths, and conspiracy theories. Sirian starseeds tend to believe in the magic of the world. They have no problems believing that bigfoot is real or that the government is hiding so much from us. You believe in the impossible and understand that there are many things in the world that we don’t understand yet, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t true or real.

They have a vivid imagination. They are skilled visualizers. This is why they have an easier time believing in conspiracy theories or myths. They may love the fantasy genre and the vivid worlds described therein.

They are introverted and prefer being in small groups. Sirians are different than the Lyrans because they don’t desire to be in crowds of people having a good time. Sirians prefer quiet settings with close friends and families. They would far rather discuss the deeper meaning of things rather than just make idle chitchat.

They are creative. They love to create art in all forms and find peace in doing so. They come from a highly creative planet and find it easy to tap into their creative talents here on Earth as well.

They can bring calm to chaos. Sirians are water people and they carry that energy of water with them here on Earth. Just as water has healing and calming properties, so do Sirian starseeds. They may find that people seem to open up to them and tell them all of their problems. They may wonder why people feel so comfortable with them to share their pain with them, and it is because of the way they make these people feel.

They are service oriented. Sirians came to Earth to help us ascend and they will be drawn to help us and the planet in many ways. They often seek out the role of spiritual advisor, guide, or teacher. They work to help us humans reach our potential by teaching us from their sacred spiritual knowledge.

They have high morals. Sirian starseeds hold themselves to high level of integrity and they expect it from others. They may often feel let down by people who failed to act in a ethical manner. This causes them to be very selective at who they keep company with as they get tired of being let down so often.

They are wonderful healers. Due to their strong intuition, Sirians make excellent healers. They utilize all sorts of tools to help them in their healing such as crystals, frequencies, drums, and may be drawn to be shamans or reiki practitioners.

They love water. Again, because they are from a water planet, they are drawn to water. They love lakes, rivers, and oceans, and may even end up living next to bodies of water. They find water to be a powerful tool to help them cleanse their energy and love taking baths. They might have water features in their homes or large fish tanks.

They are sensitive to sounds or lights. They love the warm feel of sunlight on their skin or love the way different frequencies affect their chakras. They use light and sound to help with healing. They may have a highly developed sense of hearing and hear things that other people can’t hear.

They may struggle in life. Although Sirians are highly intelligent and motivated beings, they may struggle on Earth. They tend to feel everything deeply and can be hurt easily. As mentioned above, they also tend to hold those emotions inside keeping them hidden from others and themselves. These intense emotions can affect Sirian starseeds and make it hard for them to see the meaning of life.

Sirians are highly developed beings who have volunteered to come to Earth at this time to help us raise our consciousness so that we can be their peers. They may have a hard time adjusting to earth life, but once they discover their mission, they can be unstoppable. Do you feel a connection with the Sirians? Do you relate to the traits listed above?

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