Starseed Series, Part 6:  Pleiadian Starseeds

The Pleiadians are from a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus called Pleiades which is about 500 light years away from Earth. During the war between the Draconians and the Lyrans, the Lyrans had to leave their homes to avoid being killed and search for new places to live. One of these places was the Pleiades star cluster, which is made up of nine stars which are named after the seven sisters in Greek mythology and their parents, Atlas and Pleione. The Pleiadians are a mix of the native humans that lived in the Pleiades star cluster and the advanced Lyrans. The Lyrans that settled in the Pleiades had the good fortune to meet the Arcturians and were able to learn a lot from them making them very spiritually advanced beings. Also, do their past experiences, the Pleiadians are also highly advanced technologically and are now able to protect themselves against the Reptilians if needed.

There are many interesting legends regarding the seven stars. The Greeks believed that they are the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone. It is said that Atlas fought with the Titans against Zeus and lost. Zeus punished Atlas to hold up the celestial heavens for all of eternity. Atlas’s daughters were so upset at their father’s fate that Zeus allowed them to live in the stars so they could be with their father.

The Nez Perce believe that there were seven sisters and one of them falls in love with a human man. When the man dies, the sister is overcome with grief. The other six sisters laugh and make fun of her because of how sad she is. She hides her sadness from them and when she can no longer hide it, she pulls the sky over her face so she can’t be seen by her sisters.  

Aboriginal tribes call the seven stars the Yunggarmurra Water Girls. The sisters are regarded as being very beautiful and they possess love. They are said to wear crystal coats which is why they shine so brightly.

In Japan, the seven stars are called Subaru, which means unity. The car company Subaru uses the stars in their logo, but chose to only use six stars because six stars are the most visible.

Since the Pleiadians originated from the Lyrans, they have a Nordic appearance. They are tall with platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. They also have a luminous appearance, radiating a bright white energy, which is why they are sometimes mistaken for angels.

Pleiadian Starseed Mission

The Pleiadians want to help humans heal themselves and embrace their true nature. They are coming to earth at this time to help us remember our origins and to love ourselves. They specialize in the heart chakra and heart energy and want us to reach a heart-centered type of living.

Traits of Pleiadian Starseeds

They are highly intuitive. They have a knowing and tend to make decisions based on their feelings, whether they realize it or not.

They are extremely connected to their heart. They follow their heart not their head and not afraid of showing emotions.

They are natural healers. Because of their strong connection to their heart, they make great healers. They can tell when other people’s chakras are out of alignment and can help them to balance and activate them.

They love children and animals. Children and animals will be drawn to these starseeds because they radiate love and peace. These will be the people that always seem to have an animal around them or children will immediately feel comfortable with them.

They have a strong feminine energy to them. They have a desire to nurture and care for animals and other people. They feel the most like themselves when they are in service to others.

They love to create. They may be gifted artists who use their art form to heal others, whether they know it or not. They could be skilled herbologists who know just what herbs to mix to heal others.

They hate violence. They will avoid violent movies or television. Seeing violent acts may cause them to get sick or deeply unsettled.

They can be prone to have weak throat chakras. They may have a hard time expressing themselves or speaking their truth. Because they care so much, they may make a habit of prioritizing others before themselves.

They may have a hard time adjusting to life on Earth. They may feel out of sync here and may be more prone to depression or anxiety.

They have wonderful imaginations. They can spend hours daydreaming and may use this as a form of escapism. They are often seen as pure and innocent due to their strong heart energy, and they can’t comprehend the darkness of the world. They may want to spend their time imagining a beautiful fantasy world rather than deal with the unpleasantness of this world.

They love nature. They have a connection to the Earth that is unexplainable. They love going camping, hiking, or laying on beaches. They find solace in the outdoors and may crave to wake barefoot in the grass or lie down on the ground just to connect to the Earth and be grounded.

They are honest people. They are honest in all of their dealings. They are not comfortable with trying to deceive other’s and make really terrible liars.

They are attracted to people who they think they can “fix.” They have such a desire to love and help people that they may find themselves surrounded by narcissists and people who suck the loving energy right out of them.

They are loyal partners. These people cherish their relationships with others. They are very unlikely to cheat on their partners or to hurt them intentionally. They will fight for their relationships and would like try everything they could to fix a relationship before choosing to end it.

They are likeable people. These starseeds have a wonderful pure and innocent nature to them which makes them charismatic and pleasant to be around. They often are completely oblivious to how much people are drawn to them because of they often suffer from low self-esteem.

Pleiadian starseeds often have a hard time being on Earth due to their incredibly sensitive natures and desire to live in harmony with their heart. But once one of these starseeds wakes up to their mission and activates their heart chakra, they can be an unstoppable force. What many may see as weakness is what these starseeds use as their strength and they are here to change the world! Do you have any of the characteristics of a Pleiadian starseed?

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