Starseed Series, Part 7: Andromedan Starseeds

The Andromedans come from the Andromeda Galaxy which is the sister galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy. There are many different races from Andromeda, including humanoids, avians, insectoids, and etheric beings. The civilizations of Andromeda are highly advanced spiritually and technologically. The humanoid races have a light blue skin color and they are either Nordic looking with light hair and eyes or  more Asian looking with darker hair and dark eyes. They are tall and are usually between 7 – 10 feet tall.

The Andromedans came to be due to the Draconian/Lyran war. The Lyrans were forced out of their home for survival and were living on their crafts. One of the places that the Lyrans went was Cassiopeia where they met feline beings. These feline beings helped the Lyrans and told them about the Andromeda constellation. The Lyrans made their way to the constellation and began settling there. Their bodies began to adjust to their new home’s environment and its lack of gravity. There skin turned a bluish color and their bodies became elongated.

The Andromedans first visited Earth millions of years ago and set up several settlements. Unlike the Lyrans, Pleiadians, and Sirians, however, they did not get involved in the DNA mixing to create a more advanced human race on Earth. The majority of Andromedans believe in the importance of free will and do not become overly involved in the happenings on Earth. There are some Andromedan etheric beings who have wings that did become more involved in the happenings on Earth, however.  These beings may be what we call angels and they are here to assist us in our progression.

Andromedan Starseed Mission

The Andromedan are very wise and they want to teach us what they know. They are also protecting us from those who wish us harm or are using manipulation to keep us from ascending. They help us to realize that time is just an illusion and that we are immortal beings who do not end at death. They teach us the importance of how we treat ourselves and others.

Andromedan Starseed Traits

They crave freedom. The Andromedan beings have a deep need for freedom and that comes through when they incarnate on Earth. These starseeds may have a hard time understanding the need for the structures that are in place and question why they have to pay taxes just because they were born here. They may want to go off-grid and live off the land away from society. They may even live a sort of nomad lifestyle wandering from place to place.

They love to travel. They love seeing new places and will travel the world. When they aren’t able to travel great distances, these starseeds will be the ones taking scenic drives out in the country, taking new routes home from work, or riding their bike through their town. They also love to travel fast. They may be chronic speeders. They want to get where they are going fast!

They have balanced masculine and feminine energy. While most people on earth struggle to have balanced energy, these starseeds are naturals at it. Andromedans live in a higher dimension and, as a result, are more androgynous. That energy comes with them when they incarnate on Earth.

They are don’t like routines. These starseeds get bored easily. They never want to feel trapped and as a result they have a tendency to be indecisive. They may struggle to hold down a job or have long-term relationships. They may hate the idea of being tied down and will freeze when having to make major decisions about their life. They will often have a hard time making everyday decisions as well such as where to eat or what to wear.

They have low self-confidence. These starseeds struggle with self-love and self-esteem issues. They wonder if people really love them or if they are worthy of any success. They may think that nobody wants to hear or cares about their opinions on matters, so they have a hard time speaking up on issues.

They don’t like to be manipulated. In fact, these starseeds are so sensitive to manipulation, that almost all attempts to manipulate them will fail. They like fairness and expect to be treated with it.

They have a hard time adjusting to Earth life. Andromedans come from much higher dimensions than  3D earth and it can be hard for them to acclimate to Earth life. They may be prone to depression or other mental health issues as a result of them feeling out of sync.

They may be considered different. Andromedan starseeds have a hard time thinking like others. They see how easily manipulated we can be by media, politicians, or even salespeople. They don’t understand why we allow this to happen to us and they can’t relate with it at all. They don’t keep up with trends or care about pop culture and may be seen as different from others around them.

They love nature. Like most starseeds, Andromedans are drawn to nature. This is where they feel the most connected and grounded. They seek time in nature and love outdoor activities. This is how they recharge and reset.

They love learning about ancient civilizations. Like other starseeds, Andromedans seem to be drawn to stories about ancient Egypt, Atlantis, or Lemuria. They feel a strong connection to historical sites like the Egyptian pyramids or Stonehenge.

They have vivid dreams. Since they are from such high frequencies, they tend to have vivid, colorful dreams about strange places and beings. These dreams may stir emotions in them or a longing for a place they can’t quite remember.

They experience powerful emotions. The Andromedan starseeds are known for their emotions. They seem to feel and experience emotions more powerfully than those around them. They may cry often or become overwhelmed easily. They seem to “feel” everything.

They are answer seekers. On Andromeda, they are always looking to answer the unanswered questions of the Universe and that energy is still with them on Earth. They may be the incredibly inquisitive child who wants to know the meaning of everything or wants to know how everything works. They love finding answers to hard questions.

They are psychically advanced. These starseeds may feel telepathic connections with others or have visions about the future. They may experience a sensation of déjà vu on a frequent basis or be able to see the lies that is being put out by the media.

They have physical issues when exposed to electronics for too long.  These starseeds are sensitive to the electromagnetic energy emitted from electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, televisions, et cetera. They may experience headaches or blurry vision when being exposed to electronics for too long. They may also experience an inability to sleep if they are too close to electronic devices.

The Andromedans are a high dimensional race of beings that are choosing to be incarnated on Earth at this time to help us with our ascension. There are very few Andromedan starseeds on earth at this time so it is rare to be one of these starseeds. Do you relate to the history of Andromedans? Do you have a lot of the traits listed above? If so, you might be an Andromedan starseed!

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