Starseed Series, Part 8: Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds hail from the Orion Constellation. Many different beings have settled in Orion including humanoids, reptilians, and greys. Orion is known for being very masculine in nature and the population has fought many wars against each other. Orion is thought to be a Draconian/Grey run empire with humanoid resistant groups fighting against the empire. There are many inhabitants, however, who just want to live peacefully and do not belong to either of these groups. The Orion empire wants to take over and control other star systems and they are very interested in Earth. The Greys on the planet have met with governments on the Earth and negotiated treaties and secret alliances in exchange for technology.

Many Orions are incarnating on Earth and they bring their masculine energy with them. They have contributed to many of the systems we have on Earth. They are the ones responsible for how our governments, businesses, and industries are set up and structured. When Earth ascends, however, we will move beyond these templates and move towards a more light consciousness structure.

Orion Starseeds Mission

Some Orion Starseeds have come to Earth as way to work out their karma. Since Orion has been in such heavy conflict for so long, it makes sense that some beings would want to try a life somewhere else and experience a different way of existence. Some are here to help us align with the Universe and do this just by being themselves and acting as an example to us. They often don’t realize they are inspiring us through their actions.

Orion Starseed Traits

They are extremely sensitive to energy. Orion starseeds can feel the energy of others and may find themselves being repelled by people who have a lot of negative energy. They can sense the intentions of people they meet and tend to be drawn to those who have pure intentions. They can become overwhelmed in large crowds and may prefer to spend time alone.

They have a soft spot for animals and children. They probably gravitate towards them naturally and feel a compassion towards them. They may be able to communicate with animals better than most people and they love caring for them. They find children to be pure and innocent and can relate with their emotions.

They are extremely smart. These starseeds have a high intellect and are fast learners. They love learning new things and are always seeking answers to their questions. They love libraries, museums, and planetariums. They are often drawn to science based studies like biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics.

They love star gazing and know the constellations. These starseeds have always had a fascination with the stars. They can easily pick out constellations in the night sky, and they probably know the names of the stars as well. They will stargaze whenever they get the chance, and they feel most at peace when they’re gazing at the stars.

They have advanced empathic abilities, but they struggle with having empathy for others. Empathy is one of the Orion starseed’s greatest gifts, but they might have a hard time with it. Although they are highly sensitive to the energy of others, they might find themselves struggling to stay present when they’re around people. They may often times feel like they are being smothered by the energy of others.

They feel most at peace when they’re in nature. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a hike in the woods, they can find peace of mind being surrounded by nature. This may be because they can tune into the universal energy easily. They tend to seek nature when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and may even choose to live in secluded spots in nature.

They have no problem finding their purpose. Finding your purpose is something that most people struggle with throughout their entire lives. For Orion starseeds, however, it’s easy. They’ve always known what they want to do with their life. They may not know the specific path they want to take, but they definitely know on a broad scale what their purpose is.

They love learning and have high expectations of their teachers. These starseeds want to learn in an engaging manner and be taught by a person who has a passion for what they are teaching. They love to learn and expect the others in their class to be as enthusiastic as they are. Orion starseeds may be the people who stick around after class to ask the teacher follow-up questions or remind the teacher that they didn’t assign homework.

They are very curious. Because of their high intelligence, these starseeds have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They want to know the who, what, when, where, why, and how about everything. These starseeds might be the curious children who are always asking, “Why?” They are the type of person who goes to an art museum and is far more interested in the informational plaques rather than the masterpieces hanging next to them.

They have a hard time shutting off their minds. Orion starseeds are overthinkers by nature. They tend to look inwards to answer questions or to analyze their life. There may be times when they seem zoned out or spacey. This is because they are thinking. They don’t daydream; they analyze, ponder, and calculate. They may have a hard time falling to sleep at night because their mind is constantly racing.

They are very logical. Orion starseeds are left brain oriented. They like to approach everything logically and this may be why they struggle with their empathic abilities. They are extremely logical and also very emotional people and may find it difficult to reconcile the two. They prefer to approach life with reason and intellect rather than with their emotions clouding their judgment. They are the people who always seem to keep their cool in high pressure situations.

They may have a hard time being in relationships. Since Orion starseeds are so logical, they may have a hard time when their partner shows strong emotions. They may expect their partner to handle problems logically like them. This can cause conflicts in their relationships as their partners may feel neglected or ignored emotionally.

They are perfectionists. Orion starseeds will settle for nothing less than perfect. They are very “type-A” in terms of their personalities. They will spend a lot of time making sure whatever project they are working on is perfect and as a result may neglect other areas in their lives. They prefer working alone on projects because they like to have total control of the finished product.

They are competitive. This goes along with their perfectionistic nature. Orion starseeds only want first place. They like being the person who knows everything and they spend so much of their time learning new things and becoming subject matter experts. These starseeds may be the children who are “sore sports” when they lose. They want to excel and win at everything they do.

Their memories are incredible. Orion starseeds tend to have photographic memories. They can easily recall information and they retain far more information than others. They may have no problem telling you what they were doing two months ago while most of us struggle to remember what happened yesterday. Because this ability comes so easily to them, they may get annoyed when others can’t remember things.

Orion starseeds are very important to the mission of helping Earth ascend. They come here with their great intellect and their driven personalities to make sure that we don’t fail. They are often influencing us through their actions, even if they don’t realize it. Do you relate to the traits of the Orion starseeds?

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