Starseeds Series, Part 1: What are Starseeds?

For the month of November, I want to delve into the subject of starseeds. I think that most of us are familiar with the term “starseed,” but what does it mean? In this series, I want to discuss the meaning of starseed as well as some of the different types of starseeds. So make sure to check back throughout the month for new posts and please ask questions or share your comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and hear what you would like to hear more about or what questions you have.

What are Starseeds?

So what are starseeds? A quick Google search will get you the following definition:

“Starseeds are highly advanced spiritual beings and souls that originated from distant planets, solar systems, and galaxies, typically far from Earth.”

Basically, a starseed is a soul that has had incarnations on other planets and star systems prior to incarnating on Earth. Starseeds are from places that are at higher dimensions than 3D earth and their soul’s are at a higher level of frequency.

Why did they come to Earth?

Starseeeds answered a call to come to Earth to help raise the frequency to allow the earth to ascend into 5D.

Things on Earth were not advancing as needed and the earth began emitting a call for help to the Universe. The people on Earth were not at the needed level of frequency to allow earth to ascend into the fifth dimension. Her call for help was muted, however, by an energy matrix put around Earth by outside factions who are not at all interested in humankind ascending into the fifth dimension. But then in 1945, during World War II, the Americans dropped two nuclear bombs . They first bombed Hiroshima, killing 120,000 people and then dropped a bomb in Nagasaki, which killed at least 80,000 more people.

If you are familiar at all with the universal law of one, you can understand that this must have caused distress to the entire universe of beings and not just those who were directly bombed. The bombings sent shockwaves through the universe and caused our Earth to basically scream for help. Beings from around the universe could now feel and hear her call of distress. The Galatic Federation met to discuss the matter. There were those at the meeting who were not interested in helping us. Afterall, we had gotten ourselves into this mess, why should they help us out of it? But after a vote, it was decided that they would help. Earth was very important to the universe. It was the ultimate school, where souls came and experienced a life cut off from all of their knowledge of the universe and source due to the veil of forgetfulness. But how could they help us and not affect our free will?

The Mission of Starseeds

A plan was made that souls would come and allow themselves to be incarnated on Earth. These were souls from other planets and star systems, as well as souls who had never taken physical form before. Most would be born under the veil of forgetfulness and some may not ever realize that they are starseeds or remember their mission. But the simple of act of the high frequency souls coming to earth would be enough. Their high frequency would raise the frequency of the earth. They can raise others’ frequency just by being in proximity to them. Even if a starseed never leaves their home, they are raising the vibration around them simply by being there and emitting their frequency, knowingly or not.  

Dolores Cannon, who gained her knowledge of this plan by regressing her clients through hypnosis, described the mission to save Earth as coming in three waves. The first wave were called the “wayshowers” by Cannon. They are the boomer generation and were the flower children and hippies. They had it the hardest of the three waves as they had to completely change the thinking of the world at the time. They had to pave the way for the other waves to come. Imagine being an enlightened soul coming to the dense, dark earth and trying to flourish. There was little to help them on their journey as metaphysics was not widely practiced back then and there were not a lot of resources or references for them to utilize. These souls protested war, created new music, and changed the way the world thinks about things. Most of them did this all while remaining in the cloud of amnesia of who they really were and their mission. These souls laid the necessary foundation for those that followed them.

The second wave of souls were likely born in the 70s and 80s. They are usually quieter than their predecessors, and raise the frequency of earth by simply being here. Dolores Cannon says that they are antennas that bring energy onto the earth. They are often unaware that they are doing this. Many second wavers hate it here. They hate being around people and large crowds, which is ironic because their mission is to bring their light to others. They have a conscious awareness that they never want to come back to earth. They also are the “truth bringers.” They are done with the lies, abuse, and injustice of the world and they will bring light to the darkness. They exposed the abuse of the Catholic church, something that had gone on for centuries and was allowed to continue. Until the second wavers came, that is. They are busy exposing the corrupt financial world, the pharmaceutical companies, organized religion, and the powerful elite that work so hard on covering up all of these things. They are dissolving the negative energy that has been allowed to remain on earth for far too long by shining a big, bright light on it all.

The third wave of souls are coming in at a higher frequency and are helping us move into 5D at a faster pace. These are the crystal and rainbow children. Mothers who are pregnant with these high frequency souls may have more difficult pregnancies due to the frequency mistmatch and a lot of these children have to be born via C-section. There is a higher propensity for these children to have ADHD or be on the autism spectrum. They may have learning disorders like dyslexia, but have advanced creative talents in art, dance, or acting. These are the souls that will rebuild earth. They find will invent technologies that will fix a lot of the social, financial, ecological, and educational issues we currently have. They hate the systems that are currently in place and will fix them for the better. They often come to earth with more advanced metaphysical talents. They may have clear memories of past lives and have a clear sense of who they really are. They may even have a clear knowledge of their mission on earth. They can often communicate to others without speaking. It’s like they have a telepatheic connection to others. They will be seen as different, and some may want to “correct” them with medication. They should be appreciated for being who they are because they are here to change the world.


Starseeds are highly envolved souls that have answered the call for help from Earth. Their mission is to bring their light to the places on earth that need it, teach people to love themselves, share their energy with others, and help the earth ascend to 5D.  They are here to raise the vibration of earth to improve our quality of life. So after reading about the three waves of souls, do you relate to one of the waves? Do you think you are a starseed?

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